Athletes Wanted

Athletes Wanted

What is Athletes Wanted?

Every year thousands of student-athletes get overlooked, not because they are not good enough, but because the right college coaches did not know about them. More than 80% of the nation’s top collegiate opportunities are outside the Division IA level, and the majority of those programs have an average recruiting budget of less than $500, helping to explain why coaches from the nation’s 1,800 colleges overlook thousands of student-athletes every year.

Athletes Wanted teaches:

  • The five critical things an athlete must know and the five critical things an athlete must do to for success.
  • The NCAA rules that allow students to begin the recruiting process earlier than their competitors.
  • The proven techniques on how to build relationships with college coaches.
  • How to choose the best college opportunity and negotiate the best financial aid and scholarship package.
  • How to set yourself apart on your resume and achieve life long success from being branded a collegiate athlete.

Learn how to maximize your scholarship potential with Athletes Wanted

“This is the ultimate resource for parents, athletes, coaches, and really anyone involved in the recruiting process. Part instruction, part inspiration, Athletes Wanted provides hope to those who want to help their children maximize their athletic scholarship and life potential.”
-Tom Lemming, Recruiting Analyst

Make sure to visit the community often as it is updated with recruiting news and provide feedback, ideas, and stories through the Athletes Wanted blog. I can always be reached at with any questions or comments you may have.

I look forward to hearing your Athletes Wanted story.

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